* Whether customers can call the store and check or order products?
Yes. Our staff will be always happy to help you out with your queries and requests.

* Whether Duflix has only one store in UAE?
In Dubai we have only one. In Abu Dhabi we have 2 sister company under different names.

* Weather the rented items of one store can be returned at other stores?
No. As each store as a unique database and for stock control this facility is not available.

* How to cancel rental membership?
Your membership can be cancelled in person at Duflix stores or by calling our stores number between 10AM to 10PM. We do not accept cancellation requests via e-mail. For cancellation, we must receive all outstanding DVDs on or before the renewal/cancellation date. If we do not receive your DVDs within this period, customer will be charged with the replacement value of 85 AED per DVD, 145 AED for BLU-RAY titles and the retail rate for the any Video Games.
Cancellation of FULL MEMBERSHIP account, only the deposit will be refunded. We do not refund the remaining credits.

* What about DVD care, loss and damage?
You are responsible for your DVDs, so please handle them with care. We reserve the right to charge the customer a minimum of 85 AED per DVD, 145 AED per BLU-RAY, 249 AED per game for the replacement value of any item that meets the following criteria: Where an item is stolen, damaged or lost whilst in your possession.

* Does Duflix have the right to suspend or cancel?
We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your membership if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that your member information is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete or there has been unauthorized access to your account. We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your use of Duflix Services, without notice, for any or no reason whatsoever.

* Do we sell/rent products online?
Sale not from Duflix site but we do through top UAE e-commerce sites such as Souq.com, ishoptheworld.com and naturesouq.com. Regarding online rentals, nothing is done at present but is under review.

* Whether Duflix products can be browsed online?
Not is Duflix Site. If not all 50% of titles can be browsed in our online store at souq.com, ishoptheworld.com and naturesouq.com sites.