About Us

Established in 1990, Duflix Movies LLC has grown from a small specialty video rental store into a true landmark in the city of Dubai. Today, Duflix Movies continues its vintage movie business along with retail of kids edutainment products like E-vouchers, Toys, Games, Collectables, Gadgets & many more. Even in the age of e-commerce, Duflix Movies shows no sign of slowing down as it continues to grow and preserve the legacy of being the greatest independent video store & the one-stop Edutainment Store in the UAE!

Duflix Moves LLC over 25 years of movie experience has become one stop store for all entertainment disc supplies and termed as the main supply point for latest Movie/Game releases in Dubai. Serving 7,500 members for more than a decade and having 20,000+ titles in store for display have made Duflix store a favorite every weekend visit spot for many of its customers. Duflix Movies is also a favorite source of movie supply to leading vessels traversing gulf, big hotel chains and online buyers. Now with new look and additional products like toys, online vouchers kids and parents just love the brand 'DUFLIX'.





 Boasting the widest selection of DVD’s available for rent and sales in UAE, Duflix Movies LLC also offers music CD’s & GAMES in all formats and newly introduced Toys and E-vouchers.  The products what you can find at our stores is as below:

Movie Disc
Music Disc
Games Disc
Games Accessories
Action Fig's/Toys
Top Ups
Digital Video Disc (DVD)
Compact Disc (CD)
Playstation 3 & Playstation 4
PS4, PS3
Wireless Controllers
Diamond Comic Collectables
Amazon Top Ups
Computer Accessories
Blu - Ray (BRD)
Music Digital Video Disc (MDVD)
Xbox, Xbox360, XboxOne
Xbox360, XboxOne
Games Top Ups
Marvel Select AF
iTunes Top Ups
Computer Add-ons
3D Blu- Ray (BD3D)
Long Play (LP)
Wii, WiU
Games Add-ons
Hot Wheels
Ebay Top Ups
Mobile Add-ons
3D Digital Video Disc (DVD3D)
Wii, WiU
 Fisher Price
Phone Recharges
Other International Top Ups


The wholesale film market in the UAE is dominated by the Agents of the ‘majors’ – the 7 American companies which produce and distribute 80% of American movies. Duflix Movies purchases latest movies from these companies for its own outlets and those that it manages. In order to counter balance the dominance of these agents, Duflix Movies has concentrated on developing niche markets, and has secured contractual agreements for many independent productions such as TV series, documentaries, kids titles, animated Japanese (Manga) films, budget titles, sports and fitness etc., as well as an extensive range of music CDs.


The Video Club was formed in 1981 by two Kuwaiti sponsor and Mr. Brian Hollis (Entrepreneur) with 5 outlets. It was the largest retailer of American and International entertainment product. The business started to grow with a new formation called The Copyright Company (Kuwait) WLL in 1994 covering 12 outlets in Kuwait. It was the leading distributor of entertainment software in Kuwait – video releases in VHS, VCD and DVD formats, music on CD and cassette and video games in CD-ROM format. Gradually, Mr. Brian Hollis with his broader vision began to spread company wings to other parts of GCC and created a strong brand ‘The Copyright group’ in various parts as The Copyright Company in Qatar, Duflix Movies LLC (previously known as Disco 2000) in Dubai, The Copyright Company in Abu Dhabi and The International victory bow in Oman with major outlets in all locations.

During the 80’s and the early 90’s the Outlet of Disco 2000 at Al Diyafah Street Satwa, Dubai, was one of the first and the main source of latest video releases in Dubai and is still remembered fondly by long term residents. It became part of The Copyco Group in 1994 and had various market expansions, spreading their distributions from small retailers to main chain stores like Plug-ins, Toys’r’us, Ace-Hardwares, Sharaf DG, Emax stores and other specialty stores.

Key Personnel

Mr. Dharmendra Bangera (Managing Director), MBA in Finance and Marketing with almost two decades of experience in retail industry.

Ms. Jean Kathlyn (Shop Manager)

Ms. Ricamia (Assistant Manager)